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The Daytona Softwash team provides professional SAFE – Non Pressure chemical roof cleaning services in the Daytona Beach – East Central Florida areas.

A Clean Roof is a HAPPY Roof!

And you’ll be a happier homeowner, too!

WHY Clean Your Roof?

When you stand back and look at your roof, you see it: Black streaks and green moss on your asphalt shingles or tiles!

It looks awful. What is it?

Algae. Specifically, Gloeocapsa Magma – an airborne algae that lands on your roof… takes root… and feeds off the limestone that your shingles are made of or the organic build up on your concrete tiles .

This causes your shingles – tile to absorb moisture – which prevents them from drying properly after a rainstorm… and then the deterioration begins!

If you don’t eliminate it, it can destroy your entire roof! And you know how expensive that can be!

Plus, mold on your roof traps heat – drastically reducing the energy-efficiency of your home during hot weather. Your electricity bill skyrockets!

Over time, the mold can spread and streak – even taking over your rain gutters! Then it can get onto your painted surfaces, causing more problems. (And higher repair costs!)

You already know how bad it all looks. Perhaps your Homeowners Association has already said something. Perhaps you’ve been sent a “demand” letter to have your roof cleaned.

NOW is the time to do it – before it gets any worse!

And before it costs you a small fortune in replacement costs!

Our roof-cleaning process uses the latest anti-mold and anti-algae technology to completely eradicate the problem – and get your roof looking just LIKE NEW again!

We first apply an “algaecide” to your roof, killing and neutralizing the algae growth. (It’s a chemically SAFE solution which is 100% biodegradable and specially designed to totally remove all the algae, fungus, mold and mildew spores.) Our proprietary process utilizes NON Pressure is completely SAFE for on your roof. Then, a second application makes sure the algae is 100% eliminated. And… to maintain a clean roof going forward a special additive is included to inhibit future algae growth.

You soon have a like-new roof for less!

No need to worry about replacing your roof! This extends the lifespan of your roof to the full length it’s supposed to give you!

Because of our efficient processes and no-nonsense approach to our work, we beat all our local competitors on price AND quality.

Just CALL (386) 267-6800 NOW for a FREE QUOTE, and you’ll see what We mean!


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